Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Easter Bunny Bootcamp

Cornerstone Community News, Vol. 1, Issue 4

As the Easter holiday fast approaches, the newest selection of Easter Bunnies are finishing there last minute drills and preparations for their big day. Will Shutter, our resident photographer and sometimes reporter here in the Cornerstone Community, recently visited the local training facility here on the Cumberland Plateau. Will said that he was astonished at how much training these bunny candidates endure in order to get the baskets and eggs delivered on time.

Training starts in January and lasts 12 weeks. Specially chosen candidates are taught skills such as basket building, egg safety,
egg dying, Easter egg hiding, chocolate care, jelly bean distribution, and proper basket delivery. Will Shutter tried to get and interview from one of the candidates for this story, but was informed that Easter Bunnies do not talk. Will went on to say, they handled themselves like militia, and had no doubt the baskets would be on time this year.
Cornerstone Fictional News, sometimes on Wednesdays, by the Buzzard


Charlie said...

Do eggs die, or do you dye eggs? Don't ask me for the answer—I'm not very philosophical.

I wonder how many of those bunnies-in-training are dentists who specialize in pediatric cavities.

Personally, I LOVE spice jellybeans.

Anonymous said...

I love your humor,
great post!

Buzzard said...

Charlie, I think eggs die, thus the rotten egg smell. Or was that me?

Ji, Thank you for your indulgence.

Anonymous said...

an award for you!

Ji said...

awards for you.