Monday, March 15, 2010

Publishing Cornerstone Community News...

Cornerstone Community News, Vol. 1, Issue 3

I usually publish Cornerstone Community News on Wednesday here on the plateau, but sometimes events take a turn, one way or another. That's what happened last Wednesday, events took the "or another" turn. You see it was a half way decent day for a change, so many of us in the community decided we needed to take a "me" day. Up on the plateau, that usually means the men go do their thing, and the women do whatever the hell women do when men aren't around.
This last week Wednesday, the men all decided to go down to Doohan's pond and fish a while, whilst the women decided they wanted to try a mud wrap, and spent the afternoon over at Barb E. Dahl's day spa, just off Hunter Cove road. A great time was had by both groups, and I would like to give special thanks to Will Shutter for the photos he provided.

I can't say the fishin was good, but we all enjoyed casting a few around the pond. Mike Long had the furthest cast of the day. Miss Tanya Hyde said everyone she talked with, enjoyed the peaceful and tranquil feeling of being pampered at a spa. Tanya went on to praise Ms Dahl for turning the old poultry barn and farm into something special for the girls.

As editor of our weekly news updates, it is necessary to announce a change in my publishing policy due to recent activities. I may or may not publish on Wednesdays in coming weeks. Depending on my mood that day, or how the fish are biting, or what condition my condition is in, I could publish on any damn day of the week. However, that is not so unusual here in the Cornerstone Community; a community though small in size, proudly celebrates the ideology and traditions of a nation. Like all Americans, we believe in doing what we please, when we please.
Cornerstone Fictional News, sometimes on Wednesdays, by the Buzzard


Alice Audrey said...

I can't imagine being willing to pay salon prices to get so dirty. I can do that in my back yard.

Charlie said...

The reason I like small town newspapers is because of the human interest factor--leave the "hard" news to the big city rags.

That's quite a fishin' hole you folks have there. I suspect the longest cast was about 3 feet.

And I'm glad the little women (hmm, sounds like a book title), had a relaxing day at the spa. They're enchanting.

Buzzard said...


You do know this is fiction! Except here on the plateau, and everything has a touch of truth.


Small towns have a lot to draw good short fiction stories from. I was researching historic newspapers in the area and would get a kick out of what was considered news worthy.

Strange and humorous photos make for wonderful stories about small town life. Sometimes there is a touch of truth in them.

Anonymous said...

hahaha when I saw the picture of the women I half expected a twist about one of the men hooking a big one on her way out of the muddy pond. :P