Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Taking care of the step children...

Cornerstone Community News Vol. 1, Issue 3

Local resident Harry Sachs is well known in the Cornerstone Community for his affinity for wildlife. He can be found tending his bird and squirrel feeders year round, but pays special attention to his pet squirrel, he playfully nicknamed “Rooster” (pictured above left). Mr. Sachs said when he first met ole Rooster, “he was raiding the bird feeders faster than I could fill them up. I decided that my efforts might be better served by setting a squirrel feeder up on the porch.” Mr. Sachs went on to say, “It wasn’t long until him, and I became good friends. There’s just something special about the little man.”

Harry’s wife Minnie said “with the exception of Rooster’s little girlfriend, that squirrel is like a watchdog for our bird feeders. He just won’t allow another squirrel anywhere around the house.” “Barks like a dog sometimes,” Harry commented. “Looks like Minnie and I have adopted a couple of step children now.”

The couple said they prepare a mix of corn, sunflower seeds, and peanuts still in the shell to feed Rooster and his little female friend during the winter months. Harry said, “Squirrels like acorn nuts the best. With all these huge Oaks in the yard, ole Rooster always seems to be toting a couple of big ones around."

You can find the Cornerstone Community located on the Cumberland Plateau. Although a small community, we are proud to represent the ideology and traditions, which are the Cornerstone of life here on the Cumberland Plateau.
Cornerstone Community Fictional News Wednesday, by the Buzzard


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I try to have fun with my fictional news reports without offending.