Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Cornerstone man angry with city hall...

Cornerstone Community News, Vol 1. Issue 2

Local Cornerstone Community artist and handyman Doug Looney, is in a fight with city hall, over payment for services. Mr. Looney said the issue came to a head this week after the delivery and unveiling of his latest creation for the court house square located at the county seat.

Doug, a long time chainsaw artist living here in Cornerstone, said that last fall he had been contracted by County Treasurer, Ben Dover, to create a piece of art for the court house square that would both represent the heritage of the community and also be functional to those visiting the square. After canvassing many folks visiting the square for thoughts about what was needed to enhance their experience, Mr. Looney indicated the most often received answers were about the lack of bathrooms. Doug said, that his concept was based on the idea that women prefer to use the few indoor bathrooms available on the square, where as, "men usually don't care where they go." He continued, "The County has long been known for our hardwood trees and the logging industry supporting our tax base. He said, "I really think I hit the nail on the head, when I made this piece."

Mr. Ben Dover was unavailable for comment, and his office did not return my calls about Mr. Looney's complaint before this Wednesday's publication.

The Cornerstone Community is located on the Cumberland Plateau, and although just a small community, we are proud to represent the ideology and traditions, which are the Cornerstone of life on the Cumberland Plateau.
Cornerstone Community News Wednesday, by the Buzzard

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