Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Snow Angels...

Cornerstone Community News, Vol 1. Issue 1

The entrepreneurial spirit was revealed this winter, here in the Cornerstone Community on the Cumberland Plateau. Mr. I. C. Tallywhacker (pictured left) started his “Snow Angels” snow removal service in January. Mr. Tallywhacker said that, “business was brisk, with all the snow we have had this winter,” but indicated he has been able to keep up with business so far. He said that most of his clientele were women who seemed to appreciate his ardent commitment to the job.

Several of Mr. Tallywhacker’s admirer’s spoke about the need for occasional help within the community. Mrs. Wood spoke of how helpful Mr. Tallywhacker had been after her husband’s recent heart surgery had incapacitated him. She said I. C. just sort of took care of everything I needed; he wouldn’t even take any money for it. William and Bruce, who live together just up the street from Mrs. Wood said, “He is the first person we call when there is the slightest chance it could snow.”

Mr. Tallywhacker has plans to continue this type of service as the seasons change. He believes there might be opportunities for him as a Garden Angel, Dirt Devil, or a place for him around Thanksgiving. He said it started out as really, “no big thing,” but it has really caught on; he has already made plans to help those that decorate around Christmas and will create “Christmas Angels” to help fill those needs. Mr. Tallywhacker said; “You, just never know when inspiration will whack you right up side your head!”

Cornerstone Community News Wednesday, by the Buzzard


PattiKen said...

OMG! Ah-ha-ha... I came to comment on your 55, and got caught up in Mr. T.'s magic.

Buzzard said...

I thank you and Mr. T. certainly is appreciative of your comment PattiKen.