Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Breakfast Song

Not to get me started on religious views of any kind, a family member sent me this YouTube Video. Since I am recently diagnosed as a diabetic, there is some irony in the minister's message for me personally. There is no intent on my part to make any statement about religious worship, beliefs, race, etc... I just find this funny and entertaining. To paraphrase another family member, pass the bacon, biscuits and gravy, I'll see y'all in hell!

In the clip, Minister Cleo Clariet and his fiancee, Katherine Lane, are shown singing on "The Kay Bane Show" in Tupelo, Mississippi in May or June of 2004. It was also noted that Minister Claret passed away from congenital heart disease in December 2004. In an interview Lane said of the former minister, he would have been thrilled to know his song is entertaining so many people.