Saturday, April 10, 2010

Chinese Food...

Cornerstone Community News, Vol. 1, Issue 5

Our little community here on the Cumberland Plateau has found it difficult to draw new business ventures to the area. Mayor Oakie met with the county leadership committee interns a few months ago, and established a list of businesses that could best benefit the community as we grow. The committee held discussions with local businesses and citizens for input, and found consensus that restaurants should be a priority.

You would think that adding a few more eating establishments around town would be non-controversial, but far from it the Mayor explained. He said that the committee had fought over what type of restaurants would be best, what type of food served, and would liquor, spirits, or beer be served? Mayor Oakie known for his public outbursts, was said by a committee member to have made the final decision when he told the group, that he would just like to have some Fu_King Chinese food every once in a while.

We are very happy to report that a new Fu_King Chinese restaurant was recently opened here on West Main St. The proprietor, Sum Yung Gai, said it was a great location, bringing in steady lunch and dinner crowds. Most everyone interviewed about the food choices and quality, said that the Fu_King food was fabulous. I have to admit, I have also become a Fu_King nut myself, over the food.
Cornerstone Fictional News, sometimes on Wednesdays, by the Buzzard


Charlie said...

(I'm not positive, Buzz, but I think those first two comments are spam.)

You one funny man: you do dishes for Sum Yung Gai, hai?

You might suggest to His Honor the Mayor that a massage parlor would be nice, a blacksmith and livery stable, and a TFC (Tennessee Fried Cowpats).

Unless, of course, you already have those businesses.

My secret word is "dorkier". I kid you not.

Buzzard said...

Charlie, thanks for the suggestions. I will take those up with the Chamber of Commerce next meeting I attend.

Anonymous said...

LOL...This is hilarious..I hope it is not as sarcastic as I think it

Brian Miller said...

haha. that is the food is good?

Buzzard said...

Emmanuel: Yes, it's as sarcastic as you think it is, pure fiction from the mind of an old buzzard.

Brian: Just another moment of fiction from a small town community on the Cumberland Plateau. No Chinese food here.

Leslie said...

Love your satirical fiction