Thursday, January 14, 2010

Take a breath...

My mom just turned 77 on January 3rd. The family joke has always been about mom constantly, incessantly, and with great specific details, talking with anyone about anything no matter a stranger or a friend. Mom has always been in complete denial of this fact, and insists that the reason she has so many friends, is because she is such a good listener. Trust me mom doesn't listen, she talks!

Ask mom about the dinner she went to with friends from church, you will find out about the trip to the restaurant, the time they arrived, who was there, who she saw and knew in the restaurant, which of them acknowledged her, what they wore, what everyone had for dinner, the service, the quality, the taste, if she had dessert, the time they left, how she felt after dinner, and how the food digested and passed through her system over the next few days. I mean this woman is thorough! She never meets a stranger, and I challenge anyone to say nothing more than "hello, how are you, " and try to walk away. Never ever, ask that question, unless you have time to spare and really want to know. Mom has experienced a considerable amount of health issues in her life, and she will tell you about them.

I say this all in good fun, because of the good news we received over the last couple of days. You see mom like me, and my brother before me, had open heart surgery procedure yesterday. Yes, three family members have had their chests cut open and hearts mended over the last four months. My brother was first with coronary artery bypass surgery in September; the same for me just two weeks ago, and mom had a heart valve replaced and a aortic aneurysm repaired yesterday. This is sick family in more than one way.

Mom made it through the surgery just fine. My brother called and kept me informed throughout the four hour operation of her progress and recovery. The family was allowed in ICU to see her for the last time yesterday around 8:00pm. She was still under some sedation, on a ventilator and resting comfortably he said, when they left to get some rest. They were allowed in again at 6:00am for a brief visit and update. They found mom sitting in a chair next to her bed, jabbering away at anyone that would listen. My brother said he asked the nurse how the night went, and she said it was fine until they took the ventilator out, she hasn't stopped talking since. Everyone laughed knowing mom was back.

It's time to take a deep breath and save our energy, because the best mom in the world has another story to tell, and this one will take a while.


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