Saturday, October 16, 2010

Meet Tucker

Meet my new best friend Tucker. Tucker is a rescue about five months old. We have had him now for about three weeks, and is all PUPPY!!!!

But if you separate the puppy from him he is a very smart and confident dog. His father was a full blooded German Shepard, and his mama was a Lab. We have been working with him daily on his sit, down, stay, and heel commands. He is doing fantastic. We took him this last week to his first school lesson to learn his ABC's of dog obedience. The school is a training facility for police dogs that do both K9 and narcotics training. They also have an agility course. While waiting for our trainer we took the dog through the agility course. The smart boy climbed both the long ramp and the tall ramp on his own when asked. I was so darned proud of him. The trainer said that he showed a lot of self confidence, and was quite unusual for a 5 month old dog never having been exposed to the ramps before. I think she was amazed at how smart he was. 

Today I took him hiking through old logging trails near our home. It was his first time off leash in a remote area, and he was wonderful about staying close and coming when called. I have a new partner to share my days with. What a blessing he is.


Anonymous said...

How very handsome he is!!!!! Lucky you!

Jingle said...

the dog is cute.

Anonymous said...

His eyes are a-light with intelligence that belies his years. This is a companion who will reward your investment a thousand times over with his loyalty and companionship. Thanks for introducing Tucker!